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FIFA Guide
FIFA Guide

NBA Live 18 -  How to do pass and dribble moves on Xbox One  

A quick NBA Live 18 guide that shows how to perform passing moves and all sorts of different dribble moves when playing with an Xbox One controller.

There are lots of NBA Live 18 moves that can be done while playing matches. Passing, dribbling, shooting, offensive, and defensive moves help players achieve their goal which is scoring more points than the adversary. Here is how to perform passing and dribble moves using an Xbox One controller.

A simple pass is quickly done by tapping the A button. If the Y button is tapped, then a lob pass is done. Tapping the Y button followed by X will enable the player to do a self-alley move. A backboard alley-oop is done by tapping the Y button followed by B. The command for alley-oop is double tapping the Y button. Icon passing is done by first pressing RB and then X, Y, B, or LB. A freestyle passing move is achieved by holding the RB button and moving the L stick in the direction of the player. A dribble hand-off move is done when players hold the B button. Players can also do a touch pass if they manage to tap A while the ball is in the air. If the B button is double tapped, then the player will perform a flashy pass. Double tapping the RB button will allow players to make a pass to the closest to the rim.

A crossover dribble move is done when moving the right stick in the direction opposite from the hand that is holding the ball. A hesitation dribble is done with the same command but the direction will be different. Player move the stick towards the hand that has the ball. A behind the back move is achieved when making a half circle in the downwards direction with the right stick. When the RT button is held, players will make a dribble modifier. A spin move is done by first holding RT followed by a half circle move with the right stick in the downwards direction. An in and out move is done by moving the right stick.

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FIFA 18 Receives A Promising Patch

Various aspects of the FUT Champions game mode are modified

The soccer simulator of EA Sports FIFA 18 has received today a promising patch that solves many of the demands of the community of players of the title, which has put the cry in the sky repeatedly for various failures that the game involves since its launch and, especially, since the end of October.

Much of the changes will be focused on the popular FUT Champions, a FIFA Ultimate Team modality in which players can play up to forty games over a weekend with the aim of qualifying in one category or another, receiving in addition greater prizes as this progresses.

First, all matches will be played at FeWC Stadium, with the time of day marked as a night time and with a clear weather. In addition, it eliminates that there is a local team and another visitor to make way for the player will always see his team on the left side of the screen. The possibility of seeing the rival's equipment is also eliminated, replacing the other equipment of the player. That is, if a player decides to use his first equipment, in the match he will see how the opponent leads the second and vice versa.

Changes outside FUT Champions

Within Ultimate Team, two errors that prevented the filters to search for physical cards according to player or team or manager or player contracts did not work have also been solved. Finally, another error has been corrected that caused visual errors to be shown on the computer management screen in some In-Form players, although they claim that it did not affect the gameplay.

As for connectivity issues, they wanted to change the colors of the connection quality bar, leaving it in green from three to five, yellow in two and red in one. In addition, they have solved a problem that caused Virtual Pro FIFA 18 players created without connection to the servers to have incorrect statistics. To finish, and already related to the gameplay, they have improved the interaction of the goalkeepers when they receive the ball from a teammate.

The community has shown its happiness for the improvement that promises to receive FUT Champions, a way that can be frustrating because of the huge number of games it requires in just three days and because of the connectivity problems it was dragging.

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